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Get Peace of Mind with Advanced Testing in Del Mar, CA

When you’re struggling with your overall wellness, sometimes advanced testing is the ideal solution to get to the root of the problem, so you can find a treatment that will improve the way you feel. At Tulsi in Del Mar, CA, we provide an array of advanced testing options, including food allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, and gut microbiome testing to help us understand what’s going on in your body. Once we have the results of your advanced testing, we can help you create a treatment plan that will eliminate your symptoms and live an overall better quality of life.

    Food Sensitivity Test in Del Mar CALeaf

    We Help You Find AnswersNATUROPATHIC MEDICINE Services

    One of the most frustrating things about feeling ill is not knowing the cause. If your daily life is plagued with symptoms you can’t explain, our advanced testing in Del Mar, CA, is the ideal solution to help you determine the cause of your discomfort. When you schedule an appointment with our team, we will discuss your symptoms and complete an examination to help us determine which tests are right for what you’re experiencing. Whether we recommend food allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, gut microbiome testing, or any of our other advanced testing options, you can rest assured that we won’t stop until we find answers.

    A Personalized Treatment

    After getting the results of youradvanced testing in Del Mar, CA, we will put together a personalizedtreatment plan that will address the issues we uncovered. Our goal isto use the most effective, natural treatments available to give youthe relief you seek. Whether you have food allergies or sensitivitiesor our tests revealed another medical issue, we will work with you tofind the best innovative treatments that will help you feel your bestevery day.



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