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Family Medicine That Gets Results in Del Mar, CA

Natural medical care is becoming more common as patients and doctors realize the benefits of helping the body heal more naturally. If you’re looking for a family clinic in Del Mar, CA, that offers these natural treatments for the whole family, you can count on Tulsi to give your family the quality care they need to feel their best and improve their overall health and wellness. We specialize in family medicine, providing safe, effective, natural treatments for patients of all ages, personalized to address their unique needs to provide the support their bodies need to heal naturally.

    Family Medicine Clinic in Del Mar CALeaf

    Quality Care at All Stages of Life

    Whether you’re looking for a pediatrician for your young child or need a doctor you can rely on as you go through your adult and senior years, you will find the dedicated professionals who can serve you best at our family clinic in Del Mar, CA. We’re taking an innovative approach to family medicine to provide routine care and treatment for medical conditions that can arise in patients of all ages. Our qualified team of doctors works closely with each patient to evaluate their overall health and wellness to recommend the best, most natural treatment options to get results.

    Innovative Medical Treatments

    Unlike the doctor’s offices you’re used to, our family clinic in Del Mar, CA, takes a more natural approach to family medicine. We proudly provide the routine care you need for wellness checkups, along with more comprehensive treatments when medical issues arise. However, we strive to provide a natural, less invasive treatment option whenever we can to ensure you can rely on your body to heal naturally. Pharmaceuticals and more invasive treatment options often have negative side effects and may require lengthy recovery times. With natural family medicine treatments, we will get you on the path to recovery more quickly with fewer side effects.



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