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January 5, 2022


Food is one of the basic needs that humans can hardly live without. Food sustains the health of our body ensuring our immune system is strong to prevent as well as fighting diseases. It helps to repair and healing of injuries as well as promote the growth and proper functionality of our brains. However, not all types of food you will enjoy and lack complains from your body or stomach and in one way or the other you will get introduced to new foodstuff. It can be difficult for anyone to get along with anything, especially when having this idea of health shift such as sensitivity to some foods. The idea that should hit to your mind is to understand the test process of the actual food sensitivity, ensuring that you are fully prepared for what this process can offer you and your overall body health in short term and longer-term as fur as your quality life is concerned and enjoyment of food as well.


Food allergy and food sensitivity are nothing alike but people tend to confuse the two. When you take a certain food and your body reacts to it, then that is food allergy but food sensitivity is when your body finds it difficult to digest a certain food or in other words inability to digest a specific food properly. So to deal with it completely you will need to identify it first. The experts, in this case, will go for food sensitivity testing to help identify the underlying problem. Wondering what food sensitivity test is? Let me break down even more for you.

The test of food sensitivity is much simple as you can do it at the comfort of your own home. To undertake this process you will need to use simple fingerprint collection and send that sample to a lab for testing. The result will be out in not less than two or three weeks or even lower than that. Our recommendation to you is, to begin with, common 96 foods since that for many people makes sense. What do you need to do?

First thing first, you order the test, and in a few days, you will have the test kit for self-collection. You may be lucky to find the lab or food sensitivity tests professionals providing the kits with a complimentary free return shipping to their lab and we recommend Now you have the kits with you, carefully read the instructions so that you can properly collect your sample. Before you can return the kit to the lab ensure to register as that registration is crucial when it comes to accessing your results

After sending back the sample in two weeks you will be able to access your results on a digital platform. Since you have registered your kit, an email will be sent to you so that you can view your results in your account. These results do not only carry the foods that you should take or not also the magnitude of the problems. These results will help you understand the food that you should avoid and that you should consume in plenty. Use these results to make an immediate change in your diet to avoid sensitivity issues. Keep the foods that eat up the peace of the digestive system at bay and focus to increase the intake of the other foods. It will ensure that your body performance is better and enhance your health as well.


To some people, the argument is food sensitivity is not a big deal since not everyone can consume all types of food and remain the same. Well, I don’t know how to call it but that is not the case. Food sensitivity testing hasseveral benefits and here is the list that we have compiled for your overall health including gut health.

  • For weight loss

According to the research, avoiding the foods that make your body system to be slow can be of much help in making sure that you reduce a few sizes and enjoy losing weight by taking the right exercise too. A healthier and happy body will as well look healthier and happy without so much digestive stress.

  • You enjoy being healthier

You will feel joyful ad better when the food you are eating agree with you. What this brings to you is a healthy body and life. The research has Cleary shown that the victims can work closely with the physicians and eliminate the food problems from their life efficiently, making their body work better and gain back strength overall.

  • Overall quality life

When you cannot explain why you randomly feel sick it can completely interfere with your day-to-day life. In most cases to manifest, food sensitivity can last for hours or even days, and coming to the conclusion that a certain problem is triggered by specific agents inthe first place is not easy, and it is not like allergy which will course a reaction for a second or minute in most cases. The results shown from a study indicate that getting a confirmed result and then trying to adjust their life uplift the better feeling about their overall quality of life.

  • More enjoyment of food.

When you safely understand what you can and cannot eat, your mind will adjust in the way that you can go for new food-based experiences. You will be able to further explore the broader palate and as well enjoy the baking activities and cooking with zero fear or concern regarding poor feeling afterward.

You may not be entirely convinced that food testing is right for you but is good to note that it can have a serious impact on overall health and your children as well. The research has proven that the children tested later in life and tested positive for food sensitivity never outgrow it with age. A lot of research is being carried out to conclude how to treat and elevate food sensitivity in children but I can tell you waiting for the children to get older so that they can be tested for food sensitivity certainly is not a problem solved. Have the test done.


When the immune system reacts as soon as you take a specific food even a small piece of allergy-triggering food can course the signs of digestion problems, swollen airways, and hives that is when we say you are having a food allergy. In some of the cases might be so serious to course symptoms that are severe or even a reaction that is life-threatening such as anaphylaxis.allergyrelated to food in most of the cases affects children in the estimate of 3 to 6 percent that children under the age of 3 and a percent of 3 to adults. Some of the children outgrow this problem while there is no cure as they gel old.

It is easy for you to confuse the symptoms of allergy and a common reaction related with intolerance to food. It is a bothersome condition but it is a condition that is less serious as it does not interact with yourimmune system.


To some people, the reaction of allergy to certain foods may not be severe but very uncomfortable. For the others, the reaction might be so frightening and to some point, life-threatening. The symptoms of food allergy occur for a less minutes up to or less than two hours after consumption of offending food. The following are the common signs as well as symptoms that may pop up after offending food consumption.

  • Itchy mouth or tingling
  • Eczema or itching and hives
  • Swelling of tongue, lips or face, or any other part of the body.
  • Nasal congestion or breathing trouble.
  • Nausea or even vomiting, pain in the abdomen
  • Dizziness and fainting

In some cases, food allergy can be so serious to course a severe reaction of allergy known as anaphylaxis and this can trigger signs as well as symptoms that are life-threatening. This includes the following:

  • Tightening and constriction of the airways
  • Can course a throat that is swollen or the throat lump sensation that makes it hard to breathe
  • A blood pressure drop that is so severe
  • The pulse that is rapid
  • Dizziness and conscious loss

For anaphylaxis an emergency treatment is necessary


If you experience a food allergy immediately after having your meal, then there is a need to see the doctor and if possible see him or her when the allergy reaction is in progress. This will enable your doctor to diagnose the problem. If below symptoms and signs of anaphylaxis then there is a need to seek an emergency landing to the doctor.

  • Rapid pulse
  • Dizziness as well as light-headedness
  • If you experience shock followed by a blood pressure drop
  • The constriction of airways makes your breathing difficult.

What are the causes of allergy?

When you are suffering food allergy, when you take a specific food your body will mistakenly identify that food as ha harmful. To fight back, the immune of your body signals the cells to activate the antibody called immunoglobulin E so that it can neutralize the allergy-triggering food in other words allergen. Your next time consumption of even a tiny or smallest of the same food, the IgE will sense it and communicate to the immune system to realize histamine chemicals and other chemicals as well into your bloodstream. These chemicals are the one that courses the symptoms.

What are some of the food that can trigger allergies in adults?

  • Fish
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • shellfish

What are some of the food that can trigger allergies in children?

  • Cow’s milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts

Pollen-food allergy syndrome

This allergy is also referred to as an oral syndrome. This allergy syndrome has some affects to many people especially those with hay related fever. These condition makes certain specific fruits and vegetables or nuts, or even spices spark off the allergy reaction that triggers a tingle or itchy mouth. In some serious cases, the allergy will course swollen throat, anaphylaxis as well. The Fruits and vegetables, nuts, as well as spices contain protein and to some of the spikes the reaction as they have allergy-causing proteins in specific proteins.

Food intolerance

Intolerance to some food or reaction to another substance that you consumed may trigger some symptoms and signs just like the food allergy does. These signs are nausea, cramping as well as vomiting and diarrhea. In this condition, you may possibly able to consume a small amount of problem food and it will depend with intolerance type of food you have. Unlike the case of allergy, even a small piece of food can trigger allergy but here you can have that small and still do not trigger the symptoms.

One of the hardest parts of or aspect of dealing with intolerance of food is that some of the people are not only sensitive to the food but also the ingredients used to prepare that food. The following are conditions that can be mistaken for food allergies.

  • Food poisoning
  • Food additives sensitivity
  • Histamine toxicity
  • Lack of enzymes required to fully digest food


  • Asthma
  • Age
  • Other allergies


Having to pay attention to your food sensitivity issues is crucial and can be of help to you in so many ways. This article is meant to help you understand how severe the problem can be. There are several things you can do to prevent allergies, sensitivity, and food intolerance which may cost your happiness and health entirely. Just know what you should and what you should not take. Talk to your doctor concerning your health and be careful at the restaurants.If you already have some of these issues ensure to wear medical alert bracelets that will beckon other people that you have an issue of food allergy encase a reaction pop up and are unable to talk.