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PRP Micro-Needling Facial At San Diego’s Premier Natural Wellness Center

By The Wellness Club
June 6, 2022


Platelets-rich plasma micro-needling is a famous cosmetic process that stimulates the production of collagen by rolling the needles that are very fine over the skin as well as applying platelets, which is one of the blood components. The liquid found in the blood is known as plasma but the platelets are solid. Adding more platelet-rich plasma from the blood may increase the effectiveness of the micro-needling. The concentration of platelets in PRP is much higher compared to other components of blood thus Platelets-rich plasma. The blood sample will be taken by the practitioner and then use a spinning tool known as centrifuge and from the rest of the blood, separate the PRP.

Platelets-rich plasma has some proteins that include growth factors as well as cytokines. This protein helps the tissues of the skin to repair themselves. During this process, a micro-needling tool will be used by the practitioner to prick the skin, making holes that are very tiny on the surface of the skin. Then, PRP will be applied to these tiny holes to stimulate the production of collagen and the reproduction of cells.


PRP micro-needling is also referred to as collagen induction therapy which is a minimally invasive skin restoration method that stimulates the production of collagen. This process utilizes the device that is handheld to prick the skin and create micro-injuries that are controlled in the dermis. This procedure triggers the response of the body's natural healing encouraging the production of collagen and elastin stimulating the turnover of the cell to restore the skin tissue healing the wounds perceived. This natural reaction will gradually wipe out skin tone and smooth out fine lines, stretch marks, acne scars, and textural irregularities. PRP facial San Diego’s Micro-needling offers patients a method that is quick and convenient for achieving clearer and naturally radiant skin.


PRP facial micro-needling is a process that uses topical anesthetic which may take thirty minutes to an hour to be fully performed. This will depend on the extent of the required treatment. A specialized device that uses micro-needles is used to prick or puncture the surface of the skin during this procedure.  The device is then smoothly moved to the area of the treatment to ensure the coverage is done fully. Some of the patients may not require more than one pass but those with severe skin, damage may require more. The micro-needling procedure is highly customizable as the device depth is adjustable and can be tailored to the needs and concerns of the patients that are unique. This treatment can be used to correct various damages of the skin and tissues due to its versatility.

This rejuvenation treatment is also combined with topical serums to enhance your results further in San Diego. The skin will be able to absorb more effectively the products due to micro-needling which creates micro-channels in the dermis. Before the micro-needling takes place we can have a determination of appropriate ingredients to apply based on your skin concern. When Micro-needling is done, the serums will infuse the skin thoroughly into the skin and allow the better penetration of beneficial ingredients.  These ingredients include hyaluronic acid, peptides, or Platelets-rich plasma. This penetration level permits the ingredients to deeply work within the layers of dermal creating a result that are superior compared to the application of topical.


There are various concerns that can be possibly treated using micro-needling from signs of aging to acne scarring.  All that is needed to do is to target the structure of the dermal and the procedure will replenish the underlying tissue addressing the following issues.

  • The facial wrinkles as well as fine lines
  • Scarring that is shallow such as acne scars
  • Sun damages
  • Pores that are enlarged
  • Stretch marks
  • Irregularities of the pigments
  • Tired skin tone
  • The hair loss


Micro-needling is known to be multi-purpose and a versatile treatment that can possibly be performed on different parts or areas of the body. The most common area of treatment in the face but it can as well be used to tighten the chest, the skin around the neck as well as the décolletage which will at one point become lax and droopy with age. There are also people who grow concerns about their legs, arms, and back, San Diego Micro-needling is a restoration method that is suitable for them. The consultation with your doctor at San Diego will help understand the reason for your skin treatment, come up with a procedural plan that is tailored to your unique type of skin and needs as well. This plan that is comprehensive will set out the areas to be targeted, the micro-needling depth required as well as the serums to be used for further enhancement.


Before micro-needling is done, the topical anesthetic is applied first thus most of the patients finding it relatively comfortable. Some of the patients will term the sensation similar to that of sandpaper that is moved across the skin. Moreover, this device moves too quickly across the skin to course much pain. After the micro-needling process is done, your skin may look slightly red, and similar looks like a mild sunburn. You can also expect your skin to look tender slightly and these side effects are always normal and will only last for one or two days and then disappear. Micro-needling will need no downtime thus patients after the treatment can return home or to their regular activity.


In most cases here In San Diego, Most of the patients will start to see significant improvements in their skins within six to eight weeks but this will depend on individual body adaptation to the treatment. These results will proceed to improve over the months as the production of the collagen increases to support the structure of the dermal. Finally, the effects will even more radiant and refreshed complexion and that will complement your overall appearance.


  • Helps in treating scars and Acne

The acne breakouts, as well as facial scarring, are considered a threat to healthy and glowing skin. Acne appears when the skin develops a dryness that is excess and that courses the production of more skin sebum than usual. When the production of sebum becomes excess leads to a skin that is oily which clogs the pores, thus leading to breakouts of acne. Trans-epidermal water loss is one of the benefits that you are going to receive from PRP treatment and you will begin to realize the improvement of hydration and consequently experience fewer breakouts of acne. Dealing with the breakouts of acne is an ongoing process that sometimes can result in scarring. Though some of the acne scars may disappear fast or in a couple of months, some of them are deeper and requires an even more aesthetic approach. This allows the Platelets-rich plasma to be put at the frontline of consideration as one of the treatments that are best for it. Platelets-rich plasma helps the skin to hydrate and make it firm. PRP helps the skin to reduce the visible scars tissue do away with the dryness of the skin which can potentially result in new acne.

  • Surgery is no longer needed

Platelets-rich plasma facial process is completed fairly quickly and it may consume only 30 to an hour. During this process, the practitioner will only use specialized and tools that are non-surgical to infuse the blood plasma that was previously filtered into the face of the patient. PRP is known to be a healthier and procedure that is less invasive which does not include surgery and delivers a very superb result with zero severe risk and minimal downtime.

  • Trans-epidermal water loss is a thing of the past

The evaporation of the moisture from your skin is known as Trans-epidermal water loss and leaves your skin dehydrated. This usually happens when the barrier of your skin is damaged resulting in moisture sleeping through the cracks leaving your skin saggy and lifeless. Consider yourself lucky as in San Diego you can prevent your skin water loss by making your protective barriers to be strong and all that done with PRP treatment. Moreover, platelet-rich plasma acts a great role in regenerating exhausted skin cells creating new ones which will help in retaining and locking your skin moisture for a long.

  • Platelets-rich plasma is safe

For more than a decade now platelet-rich plasma has been in use as a treatment and has primarily been of great help to athletes to heal the injuries. After this long decade of using PRP in athletes, other people realized its aesthetic benefits as well. Since the procedure is not surgical or aggressive and as well uses the patient's own blood components, many skin health fanatics do rely on it as one of the facial treatments that is the best alternative.

  • A vibrant and skin that is healthy

Platelets-rich plasma facial is a treatment that is incredible and aims to aid the production of two proteins that is very crucial that enhance the quality and texture of your skin collagen and elastin. Since the aestheticians combine Platelet-rich with micro-needling, that gives a wonderful result to the patients. Deep-treating the skin with micro-needling, the process of regenerating using the patient's own infused blood plasma is a bit quicker. The PRP facial results are so much impressive and can be of much help in tightening or firming the saggy skin, iron wrinkles, and perform skin superficial glow restoration. This treatment can also be used by some of the people with interest to add volume to specific areas like nasolabial folds and eyes as well.


When both platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling are combined, can provide dramatic and long-lasting results for your skin rejuvenation. PRP facial San Diego, we draw a small amount of blood from the patient and mostly from your arm and the process is quick, simple, and safe. This process is similar to what you can expect during the blood test. The blood is then placed carefully on a centrifuge which is used to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other components of the blood. Then the process is completed as we prepared and clean your skin for treatment. The serum of the concentrated PRP is then topically applied to the surface of the of the skin before the micro-needling process can begun. This permits the needles to drive the stem cells and growth factors directly into the layer that is deeper of the dermis. This is where they can achieve the effect that is most significant.


PRP is known as Platelet-rich plasma which is a concentration of a group of cells in your blood that contain the growth factor as well as stem cells. This platelet is equipped with agents that are restorative and healing properties and that can promote the renewal of the cells, collagen production stimulation, and accelerate the healing. Platelets-rich plasma is also beneficial when it comes to repairing the tissues that are damaged and dermal structure strengthening. It is among the most natural approaches to skin restoration available today as an all-natural skin serum. Basically, Platelets-rich plasma facial can help strengthen of produce stronger and healthier skin from the inside out. There is no risk of an adverse reaction as the platelets use your own blood. PRP micro-needling is very safe and a treatment that is effective for adults of all ages and nearly all concerns and skin types as well. for those looking for their skin quality and seeking to correct the signs of aging, PRP is ideal for them. PRP is also suitable for people who are not suited to laser treatment and as well those with darker skin tones.