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PRP Micro-Needling Facial At San Diego’s Premier Natural Wellness Center

By The Wellness Club
August 2, 2022


Platelets-rich plasma (PRP) micro-needling is a famous cosmetic process also known as the Vampire Facial that stimulates the production of collagen through millions of micro-channels made by microneedle punctures over the skin. Platelet rich plasma is a component of the blood that is used as a serum rich in growth factors. The gold liquid found in the blood is known as plasma, while the platelets are cells in plasma that help stimulate the healing cascade. Several applications of platelet-rich plasma from the blood may increase the effectiveness of the micro-needling. The blood sample will be taken by the practitioner and then use a spinning tool known as centrifuge and from the rest of the blood, separate the PRP.

Platelets-rich plasma has some proteins that include growth factors as well as cytokines that act is signaling molecules to stimulate collagen formation, blood vessel growth, and stem cell activation. These proteins and platelets activate the skin's natural healing cascade to rejuvenate skin. During this process, a micro-needling tool will be used by the practitioner to prick the skin, making holes that are very tiny on the surface of the skin, also known as micro channels. Then, PRP will be applied as a serum to be absorbed more effectively by these tiny holes.


PRP micro-needling is also referred to as collagen induction therapy which is a minimally invasive skin restoration method that stimulates the production of collagen. This process utilizes the device that is handheld to prick the skin and create micro-injuries that are controlled in the dermis. This procedure triggers the response of the body's natural healing encouraging the production of collagen and elastin, while stimulating the turnover of the cells to restore skin tissue, promote blood vessel development, and stimulate stem cells. This natural reaction will gradually improve skin tone and smooth out fine lines, stretch marks, acne scars, and textural irregularities.

PRP Facials at The Wellness Club is a popular aesthetic treatment for patients seeking a method that has minimal down-time, is non-invasive, and more importantly powerfully effective for achieving clearer and naturally radiant skin.


PRP facial micro-needling is a process that uses your body's own cells to stimulate collagen formation and refresh, tone, and tighten for overall skin rejuvenation. First, your doctor will begin by doing a thorough facial assessment and history intake to determine if you are an applicant for PRP microneedling therapy. There are some conditions in which you may not be the best candidate, although these are rare, a trained provider ensures safety above all else. Your doctor will also offer other treatment options that could be beneficial in your aesthetic treatment plan.

The procedure begins with the application of a topical anesthetic which may take thirty minutes to an hour to activate fully. This will depend on the extent of the required treatment. While waiting, a simple blood draw will be performed. Depending on the extent of the treatment areas, 1 or several tubes may be drawn to produce the needed plasma amount.

These vials will then be centrifuged for about 20 minutes to separate the blood from the plasma. The PRP will then be extracted carefully to be used in the microneedling procedure as a serum.

Other topical serums may also be used to enhance your results further. Before the micro-needling procedure takes place, your doctor will determine the appropriate ingredients to apply based on your skin concerns. The topicals used can be personalized to the patients skin and aesthetic goals, such as the use of hyaluronic acid for hydration and plumping, niacinamide for acne and hyperpigmentation, peptides to further stimulate collagen, vitamin c serum for brightening, or PRP and exosomes for complete facial rejuvenation.

The skin will be able to absorb the products more effectively due to the millions of micro-channels in the dermis created by the micro-needling device. This penetration level permits the ingredients to deeply work within the layers of dermal creating a result that are superior compared to the application of topical.

A specialized device that uses micro-needles ranging from a depth of 0.5 mm to 3 mm is used to create millions of micro-channels on the surface of the skin to stimulate the healing cascade. The device is then smoothly moved throughout the treatment area to ensure full coverage of problem areas. Some of the patients may not require more than one pass but those with severe skin damage typically require 3-4 passes on the same treatment area.

The micro-needling procedure is highly customizable as the device depth is adjustable and can be tailored to the unique needs and concerns of the patients, as well as the area of treatment. For example, the forehead skin is much thinner compared to the cheeks or jawline, and as such, the micro-needling depth is adjusted accordingly. Or if someone wants to address deep pitting acne scars, the provider may increase the depth of treatment to break down scar tissue and stimulate collagen remodeling.

Due its versatility, this treatment can be used to effectively correct various damages of the skin and tissues. Overall rejuvenation can be seen by repairing the quality of skin and restoring vitality to dull, tired, wrinkled, or scarred skin.


There are various concerns that can be possibly treated using micro-needling from signs of aging to acne scarring.  All that is needed to do is to target the structure of the dermal layer of the skin and the procedure will stimulate new collagen and cell turnover to addressing the following issues:

  • Facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Scarring that is shallow such as acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks/striae
  • Irregularities of pigments, such as hyper or hypo-pigmentation, and even melasma
  • Dull and tiredskin tone
  • Hair loss


Micro-needling is known to be multi-purpose and a versatile treatment that can possibly be performed on different parts or areas of the body. The most common area of treatment in the face but it can as well be used to tighten the chest, the skin around the neck as well as the décolletage which will at one point become lax and droopy with age. There are also people who grow concerns about their legs, arms, and back, San Diego Micro-needling is a restoration method that is suitable for them. The consultation with your doctor at San Diego will help understand the reason for your skin treatment, come up with a procedural plan that is tailored to your unique type of skin and needs as well. This plan that is comprehensive will set out the areas to be targeted, the micro-needling depth required as well as the serums to be used for further enhancement.


Before micro-needling is done, the topical anesthetic is applied first thus most of the patients finding it relatively comfortable. Some of the patients will term the sensation similar to that of sandpaper that is moved across the skin or a mild vibration. Moreover, this device moves too quickly across the skin to cause much pain. After the micro-needling process is done, your skin may look slightly red, and like a mild sunburn. You can also expect your skin to be slightly tender and itchy. These side effects are always normal and will only last for one or two days and then disappear. Micro-needling only has 24-72 hour downtime thus patients can return to their normal routine and skin care regimen after a few days.

With proper technique, microneedling can be a very comfortable and spa-like experience.


In most cases, patients will start to see significant improvements in their skins within four to eight weeks but this will depend on individual body adaptation to the treatment. Studies have shown that the collagen remodeling and stimulation can last up to 18 months in most patients. These results will proceed to improve over the months as the production of the collagen increases to support the structure of the dermis. Patients can expect to have even more radiant and refreshed complexion that will complement your overall appearance.


Helps in treating acne scars, wrinkles, and discoloration

Acne breakouts, as well as facial scarring, can be damaging to one's self-esteem and mental health. At Tulsi, we understand the psycho-emotional component of beauty and how that impacts our behavior.

Acne has so many contributing factors, but to sum up the major causes, it typically appears when the skin develops excess sebum production and growth of bacteria. The excess production of sebum ends up clogging pores, while the bacteria continue to grow. This leads to the formation of black/white heads and pimples, also known as cysts.

Dealing with the breakouts of acne is an ongoing process that sometimes can result in scarring depending on the severity of cysts. Though some of the acne scars may disappear in a couple of months, some of them are deeper and requires a more aggressive aesthetic treatment regimen.

This is where PRP shines and can be considered as a frontline treatments since studies have proven its effectiveness in breaking down scar tissue while stimulating the formation of remodeled collagen matrix. PRP helps reduce visible scars tissue while also improving tone and texture of the skin.

It's important to first address the root cause of acne, before a microneedling procedure can be done to prevent the spread of active acne. Your doctor will determine the best aesthetic protocol to help you achieve vibrant beautiful results.

Surgery is no longer needed

Many patients desire holistic and non-invasive anti-aging facial rejuvenation. Patients can potentially avoid plastic surgery or the need for lasers with more downtime by added PRP microneedling into their anti-aging aesthetic regimen. The earlier you start, the faster we can prevent the formation of stubborn skin damage.

Compared to a facelift, the platelets-rich plasma process is completed fairly quickly and it usually only takes 30-60 minutes with minimal downtime or risk. The patient is in and out same day and can resume normal activities soon after. Best of all, we're using your body's own cells to stimulate healing and regeneration. It's the closest you can get to a natural aesthetic procedure.

Of course, there is a time and place for plastic surgery, which is why a thorough patient assessment is needed by a trained aesthetic doctor.

Trans-epidermal water loss is a thing of the past

The evaporation of the moisture from your skin is known as Trans-epidermal water loss and leaves your skin dehydrated and dry. This usually happens when the barrier of your skin is damaged resulting in moisture seeping through the cracks leaving your skin saggy and dull. Luckily we live in San Diego, and the humidity somewhat helps to improve skin hydration. However, in certain skin issues, such as eczema, acne, or other skin rashes, trans-epidermal water loss is a big problem due to impaired skin integrity. PRP has been shown to improve skin tone and texture by producing a fresh layer of collagen. Moreover, it play's a powerful role in regenerating exhausted skin cells and producing new ones which will help in retaining and locking your skin moisture. Skin hydration significantly improves wrinkles and sun damage.

Platelets-rich plasma is safe

For more than a decade now, platelet-rich plasma has been in use in many medical treatments. Regenerative orthopedic doctors began using PRP to help athletes heal from muscle or joint injuries, while possibly avoiding surgery in some. After decades of using PRP in athletes, other people realized its aesthetic benefits as well. Since the procedure is non-surgical, non-invasive, and uses the patient's own blood components, many dermatologists and aesthetic doctors have began to implement its use in facial rejuvenation aesthetic therapies.

Vibrant, healthy, younger skin

Platelets-rich plasma facial is a treatment that is incredible and aims to aid the production of two proteins that is very crucial that enhance the quality and texture of your skin - aka collagen and elastin. By combining PRP with microneedling, significant improvements in collagen synthesis is seen. PRP amplifies the regeneration and rejuvenation process of microneedling. Patients can expect to see improvements in tightening or firming saggy skin, ironing out wrinkles leaving a fresh layer of skin for that vibrant glow. This treatment can also be used to add volume to specific areas like nasolabial folds, temples, and under-eyes as well.

Advanced skin repair and rejuvenation

PRP is known as Platelet-rich plasma which is a concentration of a group of cells in your blood that contain the growth factor as well as stem cells. When both platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling are combined, dramatic and long-lasting results are seen for global skin rejuvenation. PRP is equipped with growth factors that can promote the renewal of cells, stimulate collagen production, and accelerate the healing of sun damage and acne scars. It is among the most natural approaches to skin restoration available today as an all-natural skin serum. Overall, Platelets-rich plasma facial can help strengthen and produce stronger and healthier skin from the inside out. There is little to no risk of an adverse reaction as the procedure uses your own blood and with a skilled doctor, it is relatively painless.

PRP micro-needling is very safe and effective treatment for adults of all ages and nearly all concerns and skin types as well. If you're looking to improve skin quality, and reverse the signs of aging, ask your doctor today about PRP microneedling therapy. PRP is also suitable for people who are not candidates to laser treatments as well those with darker skin tones.