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The Wellness Club NAD+Support

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January 27, 2022

The Wellness Club NAD+Support

The Wellness Club at Tulsi’s NAD+ Support is the premier supplement for Anti-Aging and Cellular Health. NAD+ treatment have now been made available in San Diego at Del Mars latest Natural Wellness Center. NAD+ has been coined as the “golden molecule” due to its numerous effects on cellular health. It an essential element in cellular maintenance and function. As we age our NAD+ levels decline and it one of the major reasons we see cellular aging. This molecule is responsible for cellular energy, maintenance of our mitochondria and regulates our DNA.

As levels of NAD+ decline we can see the signs of aging taking place making it vital to balance this powerful cofactor.

History of NAD+

It was first discovered in the early 1900’s and its founding scientist quickly won the Nobel Prize in 1929 due to its importance on human health. Since then other Nobel Laureates have won prizes in discovers related to NAD+.

Now with The Wellness Club you can give your body the NAD+ support that it deserves. Every product is created with the highest quality ingredients and manufactured under cGMP and 503(b) compounding guidelines in the United States. Every bottle is made with care to provide every user the best Anti-Aging and Cellular health benefits available.

The future of NAD+

NAD+ has been shown in many studies to be a useful agent in aging. The 2016 Nobel Prize noted its benefits in helping with cell autophagy. Since then many other reports have mentioned its benefits in cellular metabolism and aging.

NAD+ is the major co-Enzyme in the body that converts energy in the cell. Without this vital co-enzyme our cells do not have the energy required to repair themselves and the process of aging begins.

As we age our levels of NAD+ begin to decline. By the age of 40 we have almost half of the production we once had as a child. At the age of 80 years old 60-90% of our NAD+ levels have been depleted.

With these low levels we will start to see the signs of aging. This is often due to a decrease in the salvage pathway and lower Tryptophan levels as we age. Ultimately this leads to decrease levels of NAD+ production. With lower levels of NAD+ effects can include less vibrant skin, cardiovascular disease, decreased energy, neurodegenerative decline, cancer, and more.

The Wellness Club has decided to replenish these reserves of NAD+ with the highest quality product on the market. This restoration of NAD+ to the body can help fight disease and protect the body against the major signs of aging.

How is NAD+ Administered

NAD+ in a clinical setting is prescribed to a patient. At The Wellness Club we provide the highest quality treatments in San Diego at Del Mars latest natural wellness enter. The routes of delivery are subcutaneous injection therapies and intravenous therapies. These routes help ensure adequate absorption when compared to cheaper oral supplement delivery methods.

NAD+ IV therapy has been our favorite form of delivery at The Wellness Club. Typically, we infuse anywhere from 250-500mg of NAD+ over the course of 1-3 hours. The drip rate is dependent on patient tolerance.

What to Expect During a Visit?

During a visit a patient can expect to drip NAD+ intravenously in one of our comfortable patient rooms. After the IV is started the patient can sit back and connect to WIFI or watch a movie on one of the televisions available in the IV rooms. The IV is meant to be comfortable to the patient. However, first time patients and if the drip rate is set to fast discomfort any rise. This is typically in the form of nausea and abdominal discomfort. Typically, if this happens the drip rate is decreased, and the patient is able to continue the IV with little to no discomfort.

Who Is NAD+ For?

Many patients can benefit from the use of NAD+ IV therapy. Some of the many benefits may include:

  • Better mood regulation
  • Improved sleep
  • Consistent energy and fuel for daily needs
  • Additional cellular protection against damage by free radicals
  • Energy level increases
  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Restoring muscle function and athletic performance
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps with
  • Weight loss
  • Glucose levels
  • Improves:
  • Brain health and regeneration
  • Mental clarity
  • Focus and concentration
  • Memory
  • Overall neurological function
  • Boosts mood
  • Improves anxiety and depression
  • Reduces chronic pain and overall fatigue
  • Assists in withdrawal (getting over addiction) and recovery from alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, opiates, etc.
  • Proper mental function maintained by NAD+ for essential neurotransmitter levels required in brain chemistry
  • Addiction recovery

How is NAD+ Dosed?

NAD+ therapy at Del Mars premier wellness center is performed with dose dependent responses. Improvements that are longer lasting and more noticeable are noticed with higher doses of NAD+. Typically, a patient will have to work their way up to higher doses or spend a longer time administering and IV infusion.

When it comes to the timing a patient can do these treatments, we follow the following. Treatments can be done daily, weekly or even monthly. Concentrations of the highest level however are done intravenously, and the frequency is typically weekly to biweekly at the highest. Subcutaneous injections can be done more frequently but are typically done at lower concentrations of the NAD+ molecule.